Maria Williams' brilliant and beautiful father suffered from a slow onset dementia over a period of 10 years. Despite the grief from losing their daily conversations and his sonorous laughs, his memory loss became a rich and life-changing experience for her. It revealed that memory does not define us. There is something else.


In the collection, she asks “Who are we now?” In the case of her father, he seemed to become light itself. White Doe is her attempt to honor him and his journey, capture the fracturing effect the disease has on language and family, and document the wonder and grace it takes to move into a new state of being.



“White Doe has it all—image, metaphor, line, formal innovation and risk, emotional stakes—and I’ve never read anything like it. I say this as a fan and an editor.”

—Maggie Smith, New York Times bestselling author of You Could Make This Place Beautiful


“Maria Williams’ White Doe deftly reveals the arrangements of human grief. The poems sharply illuminate what cannot be enough against the possibility of what must be. Out of the memory of fields, birds, and light emerges the gift of revelation.”

— E. J. Koh, author of The Liberators and The Magical Language of Others


“I have to say I am in love with this dreamy, astonishing, exquisite book.”

—Marcela Sulak, author of Mouth Full of Seeds



ISBN 9798987954171

September 9, 2024

$18 (Kindle $7.99)

Maria Williams

White Doe