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Perry Nicholas' second book is unrelenting from the first poem: "even if you only want to flow along / unnoticed, water can squeeze you so tight / the pressure makes your ears pop." His eye is keener, the discoveries more unapologetic, and yet the poetic voice never sheds its empathy and universality. What the World Sees addresses the separation between what one is and what one presents to the world, a division that such an introspective and careful poet must tackle well into his writing career. Nicholas' poems "have reached exactly / the speed at which [he] wanted us to travel."

     - Jennifer Campbell, English Professor, Erie Community College, author of Supposed to Love


I love the poetry of Perry Nicholas. It flows into my consciousness so naturally and it appears so unlabored that . . . it must be the product of very precise selection and arrangement. It is a poetry filled with passion, filled with statement, but it never becomes sentimental. When the poet speaks from the first person perspective, he employs an "I" that is - to quote Charles Olsen - "proprioceptive" rather than confessional. The poems emerge out of personal experience; but when Perry Nicholas speaks of "I" he includes every reader, and every reader grows through his experiences.

       - Dr. Peter Siedlecki, Professor, Department of English, Daemen College



What the World Sees is available only in the Kindle edition.

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Perry Nicholas

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