Posters and Cover Art




A Difficult Animal

A Red Woman Was Crying

A Talent for Shipwrecks

Always a Blue House


blood sugar canto

Body on the Wall

But I Don't Know You


Cuicacalli / House of Song

Dance the Truth

Describing the Dark

Dog Watches


Five Sextillion Atoms

Gilgamesh Wilderness

Half Speed Epiphany

Here Along Cazenovia Creek

How is Travel a Folded Form?

looking for bora bora

Loon Rangers

Matisse: A Life in Metaphor

Next Door Lived a Girl

Nomad's Home

November Butterfly

pig, smoking

Slow Arrow: Unearthing the Frail Children

Shibai: Remembering Jane Britton's Murder

Supposed to Love

Taurus in Lake Erie

The Animals

The Broken Places

The Five Legs of  the Cat

The Gateless Gate and Polishing the Moon Sword

The Inugami Mochi

The Only Country Was the Color of My Skin

The Staked Plains

Two Natures

Whale Fall & Black Sage

What the World Sees

Woman With Crows

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