Full-Length Poetry




A Difficult Animal (Lisa Lutwyche)

All of Us (Esther Cohen)

Appearances (Michael Collins)

Always A Blue House (Lisa Rizzo)

Blood Sugar Canto (ire'ne lara silva)

Body on the Wall (Michelle Wing)

Captive (Amy Holman)

Crash Course (Esteban Rodriguez)

Crazing (Ruth Thompson)

Cuicacalli / House of Song (ire'ne lara silva)

Five Sextillion Atoms (Jayne Benjulian

Gilgamesh Wilderness (Jessamyn Smyth)

looking for bora bora (ryki zuckerman)

November Butterfly (Tania Pryputniewicz)

Supposed to Love (Jennifer Campbell)




The Broken Places (Sandy Coomer)

The Eaters of Flowers (ire'ne lara silva)

The Five Legs of the Cat (Samiri Hernández Hiraldo)

The Fool in the Corn (Tania Pryputniewidz)

The Gateless Gate and Polishing the Moon Sword (Dane Cervine)

The Only Country Was the Color of My Skin (Kathleen Hellen)

The Sea Lion Who Saved the Boy Who Jumped From the Golden Gate  (Jane McCafferty)

Walking Into Lightning (Ellen LaFlèche)

Whale Fall & Black Sage (Ruth Thompson)

Woman With Crows (Ruth Thompson)

What The World Sees (Perry Nicholas)

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