Caiden Feldmiller is a poet with a gift for transforming the drift- wood of ordinary life into a stairway. In his "tricks of smoke and mirroring and incantation" I'm swept up by acrobatic language and surprising contradiction to where a second sight breaks through, a vision of a myth-world the reader and the poet must construct together. I admire especially the mysterious and unforgettable poem, "The Eye": 'Lick the thread to pass/it through your eye,' he writes. 'I'll/tie your anchor knot.'

     - David Keplinger, author of The Most Natural Thing (2013) and winner  of  the Colorado Book Award in Poetry


Just when I thought its faux-subversive practitioners had sucked even the fumes from the rusted-out jalopy with “Postmodern Poetry” stenciled on the door, along comes Caiden Feldmiller with his can of flammable fun. This debut collection resists summary, bouncing from reflexive speculation to Dean Young-esque surrealism to imagism to snippets of dramatic monologue. Feldmiller already has what so many don’t: an ear for the music of verse and the intelligence to set aside ego and listen. Long may he wave.

     - John Repp, author of Fat Jersey Blues, winner of the 2013 Akron Poetry Prize



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Pig, Smoking