Jayne Benjulian is the author of Five Sextillion Atoms and poems and essays in numerous literary and performance journals. She was shortlisted for the James Hearst Poetry Prize and the Bridport Prize. Jayne served as Appleā€™s chief speechwriter and director of new play development at Magic Theatre in San Francisco. She has been an Ossabaw Island Project Fellow; teaching fellow at Emory University; lecturer in the Graduate Program in Theater at San Francisco State University; and Fulbright Teaching Fellow in Lyon, France.


She earned an MFA at the Warren Wilson Program for Writers and lives in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts.


Jayne is an inspired writing coach. She works as a developmental editor, coaching writers in drafting and revising their manuscripts. jaynebenjulian.com.


Five Sextillion Atoms is her first collection.


Image: Marvin Kaplan

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