Face is an unforgettable story of childhood trauma and abuse, identity, and faith.


At age five, Marcia Meier was hit by a car, losing the left side of her face and eyelid. Over the next fifteen years she underwent twenty surgeries and spent days blinded by bandages, her hands tied to the sides of her hospital bed. Scarred both physically and emotionally, abused at school, blamed and rejected by her mother, Marcia survived and went on to create a successful life as a journalist, a wife and mother. But at midlife her controlled world began to fall apart, and Marcia began a journey into the darkness of her past, her true identity, her deepest beliefs – a spiritual and emotional exploration that resulted in the creation of Face.


"Face" has won the memoir/autobiography division of the 2021 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards.


ISBN 9781732952171



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Face: A Memoir