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If her previous poetry book was a Box of Surprises, Terez Peipins’ new book resembles a memory chest filled with miniatures, or perhaps a music box. With dazzling compression and precise images, she transports us to Paris streets; Barcelona balconies; Buffalo bus stops; a Latvian kitchen where “Kefir ferments in dark cabinets”; Medellin during the cartel wars, eating “slices of green mango with shots of aguardiente”; a dying woman’s last cake-and-champagne toast “before the morphine months.” The result is a Wunderkabinett that makes this reader eager for the next installment.

  - John Roche, author of Road Ghosts, The Joe Poems, and Topicalities


I have closely followed the work of Terez Peipins from the first of her stories to this new volume of poetry. What a pleasure it is to have these lovely poems together in Dance the Truth. Here she touches on universal themes of evolution, history, war, and loss through clear and poignant images of stolen plums, Latvian kitchens, and clues in the snow. Terez makes her characters, both people and places, vivid and true. She is a traveler who would be a welcome guest at your table.

  - Jill Adams, Editor, The Barcelona Review



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Terez Peipins

Dance the Truth