This cover relates directly to the incidents fictionalized in the story "Efendim" -- Somali pirates, a hostage situation, and how it all evolved.


Rolf obtained a picture of the lifeboat being towed by the destroyer, and I modified it heavily.


We were both amused when Rolf suggested "something like a Navy gray" for the cover background, and I quickly learned, thanks to google, both the RGB and CMYK values for "Haze Gray," which is literally the color the Navy paints its ships.


In case you have something you need to paint Haze Gray, ask your paint store for CMYK  6,2,0,45 or RGB 133,138,141. Now you know.


In an antic mood I sent Rolf a version in which the name on the destroyer's fantail was "H.M.S. Pinafore." Yes, we get silly around here sometimes.



Rolf Yngve

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