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Blood Sugar Canto, Ire'ne Lara Silva's third book, is a powerful hymn to life and to her own body by a "curandera-poet" struggling to transmute the fear and despair of diabetes into healing.


She sings of the syringes, the paraphernalia of this new world she must live in, its losses and griefs, its pain, and her memories of those in her family who have died of this disease.


A beautiful and original book.


Tim Z. Hernandez (Natural Takeover of Small Things) writes,"The poet invites us to an intimate dinner at her table, to sit and eat with her, share stories of azucar, of labwork and grace, to indulge ourselves in the unspoken cravings, and we leave nourished, full, and stronger for it."


"Filled with powerful narratives, Blood Sugar Canto by ire’ne lara silva grapples with the enormity of diabetes and its many complications. Written without capitals or punctuation, the collection moves with a frantic pace that mirrors the speaker’s preoccupation with health, illness, and dying. In “en trozos/in pieces” she confesses her fear of being eaten away, bit by bit, but learns through suffering to love the body being consumed. A similar embrace of the wounded form reappears in various guises throughout the collection."

-- Rodney Gomez

ISBN 9780991395286


$18 (Kindle $4.99)

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