All of Us is about people in a small town in upstate New York - different, even alien, from one another, often politically at odds, yet managing to live in peace, side by side. Seen through the lens of a warm-hearted narrator with an eye for a good story and a good laugh, All of Us is a unique tribute to rural upstate New York - a funny Spoon River Anthology, a northern relative of Eudora Welty's "Why I Live at the PO."


"Masterful poet and storyteller Esther Cohen invites readers to take a day-trip with her from bustling Manhattan to a quiet rural town in Upstate New York where porch-sitting, tomato-growing, and post office chitchat are appreciated and valued. Serving as both driver and tour guide, Cohen introduces us to a memorable cast of imperfect, identifiable villagers: loudmouths, late-in-life lovers, jilted spouses, settled seniors poised to jump off the diving board into the bracing waters of risk. US – Stories and Poems Along Route 17, a celebration of what’s extraordinary about the ordinary, is rendered in a unique hybrid form and characterized by Cohen’s open heart, her refreshing lack of judgment, and her appreciation of the simple beauty of the natural world. I urge readers to let this gifted writer transport you through the pages of her original and wonderful book." -- Wally Lamb


"As an Upstater, these stories and poems soothe my soul and remind me of why I love this part of the world more than any other." -- Gary Shteyngart



ISBN 9798987954133

October 23, 2023

$21 US

Kindle $9.99

Esther Cohen

All of Us: Stories and Poems  Along Route 17