Marjorie Norris Matisse: A Life in Metaphor


Forty-Three North Chapbook Series


ISBN 978-0-9913952-5-5




Kindle $2.99


Marj Norris immediately engages the reader as the voice of Matisse. From his beginnings, we follow him through the streets of Paris and to the end of his life as he explores a wide range of color and style. In their form and language, Norris' poems succeed in reflecting Matisse's return to minimal shapes and exquisite color toward the end of his life. I felt as though Matisse and I were sitting in a cafe, and he was telling me his thoughts and ideas.

 - Kathleen Shoemaker, co-author of InnerSessions


Marj Norris channels Matisse in color drenched words, in dreamscape and in yearning toward perfection.  Her poems ring with the plangent sounds of  the artist’s life  with his voice clear and the beauty of his works sounding through these vivid poems.

 - Linda Drajem, co-author of InnerSessions.


Marjorie Norris creates a word portrait of the prolific French artist Henri Matisse. Her delicate brush strokes tell in visual snippets the life and process of this remarkable painter. Each poem connects to a larger landscape: a sixty-year art career, a forty-one year marriage and a history of the progression of Modern Art. This small collection is unlike most of the poetry today. It is a gallery of captured visuals that reflect our own still studies and reflections of youth, aging, life changes, and the essence of our very being.

 - Joan Albarella, author of Again For the First Time; the Nikki Barnes Mystery Series; the play Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies, and Always In My Heart.


Matisse: A Life in Metaphor is available only in the Kindle edition.