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This is a favorite. Ruth and I were visiting Stefan in Portales, NM in 2012. Stefan had just taken in a stray dog. This is that dog, in the back yard of their rented house. He was nervous and certainly wasn't trusting me and my camera.


Again, the fact that I shot superwide let me make this cover, although I certainly wasn't thinking ahead to the possibility that SRP might publish one of Stefan's books. With any other lens, I don't think it would have worked. But superwide gave me that "opening out" look. The picture is flipped, but that's unimportant.


It was all color, of course, but that really didn't suit the nature of the book. First I shifted to back and white, but that wasn't quite working. Then I realized that I should put back the color in the Japanese lantern -- yes!


I struggled a lot with text placement. Finally Stefan said "Just make it small, I like small text," and that was that.


I'm going to show you the back cover, because I was able to do something there that I liked very much (and still do).



Stefan Kiesbye

The Staked Plains