Lisa Rizzo Always a Blue House

In Always A Blue House, poet Lisa Rizzo is an unwilling seeker, generous-hearted even in her disbelief, suspended like Chagall’s blue angel just inside the window of the infinite. Brilliant travel poems, poignant tracings of her father’s decline, and sharp memories of an Illinois childhood round out Rizzo’s second collection.


Lisa Rizzo’s luminous Always a Blue House takes us into a world that is both broken and beautiful. Things break apart or slip away – dishes, marriage, the tangled roots of a father’s mind. And yet this wide-hearted poet does not turn away from the ache of our lives – the ache of a grown daughter watching a parent fade away, the ache of a child yearning for invisibility, the ache of a Daphne seeking to be wild and true / free from others’ hands.... In Rizzo’s beautiful, finely-crafted poems, a thrumming and radiant world bursts open ¬for us – the red rocks of the high desert, the grasslands in the Serengeti, a flower shop in Paris, five girls in Zanzibar, the blue, blue world....


     -- Martha Andrews Donovan, author of Dress Her in Silk


Lisa Rizzo’s poems explore the tension implicit in the duality of our lives. In Always a Blue House we accompany her in her search for meaning .... Her search takes her deep into the earth: “I listened / for what had not yet been unearthed. / What I could carry with me.” It takes her into sorrow and loss, into birth and death, into snow angels and dragonflies and a father, his memory gone, whose “tangled roots / create stories / we do not know.” These are courageous poems ...  grounded in the awareness of our human journey: “Moon’s shadow side is blue, / sun side glows orange: I too / am halved. Let me learn the art / of going into fire.”


     -- Steve McDonald author of House of Mirrors and Golden Fish, Dark Pond




ISBN 978-0-9969074-4-6


Available December, 2016


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